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24.11.2014 Press Release From Unipack’s Site Dated November 11, 2014

Vacuum Metallized Boards by Galileo Coating Technologies

Modern packaging business is developing in the conditions of continuous contradictions. On the one hand, the crisis requires optimizing costs and the clients need to cut prices. However, on the other hand, every modern company is expected to continuously upgrade its product quality and its social and environmental awareness. How do you keep the high quality standard of your packaging product, be a customer and eco-friendly company and stay economically interesting for your clients?


GCT’s transfer metallized boards are a great economical alternative to expensive transfer metallized boards in the packaging segment. High quality, comparable characteristics and 100% environmentally friendly with 50% price advantage.


Vacuum metallization technology consists of direct deposition of metal onto a board layer and fixing it with a layer of top coating, which serves as a primer for further printing. The main advantages of GCT’s vacuum metallized boards are:


• Lack of delamination effect and no need to apply a primer before printing;

• Excellent printing and post-printing performance (material is UV and foil offset alkali proof inks printable);

• Environmentally friendly and processible product;

• No expiration date;

• Industrial production based in Russia – coordinated logistics and attractive price;

• Large range of GC1 and GC2 baseboards with a substance up to 350 gsm.


Vacuum metallized boards offer a possibility of attracting the client’s attention and making your product stand out on the shelf among competitors. Boards are suitable for individual and multiple packaging of premium alcohol, cosmetics, perfumes, confectionary items, FMCG products, etc.

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About the Production Facility. The Galileo Coating Technologies factory is located in the town of Khotkovo in the Moscow region and is owned by CJSC ‘Galileo Nanotech’, Eastern Europe’s largest manufacturer of metallized materials. The company’s products are used in Russia, the CIS, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. The company has a proved to be a reliable supplier and partner for printing houses and end users of packaging.


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