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04.03.2015 Advantages of Vacuum Metallized Boards – Commentary from Designers

Leading packaging designers Elena Mappyrova, Art Director at GreyMatter, and Victoria Makarova, an independent design consulted, compared GCT’s vacuum metallized boards with laminated boards and noted that the former are:

  • Trendy;
  • Premium quality;
  • Great in printing – providing improved adhesion of white and accurate color rendition.


Both designers, who have vast experience in working with packaging and labeling made from different kinds of materials, including non-absorbent ones, said that vacuum metallized boards have a significant advantage over laminated boards with metfilm.


The designers think that vacuum metallized boards are:

  • Trendy. To a greater extent, they reflect the latest packaging design trends, which are moving from glossy to more eco-friendly options:
- “Vacuum metallization does not have the vulgar laminate gloss; it keeps the metal tone, but it looks more subdued and matte. I think that it is more in line with today’s trends than laminated material,” says Victoria.

- “Besides, vacuum metallized boards are eco-friendly, which is especially in demand with transnational companies and mid size businesses and the end user. Being a designer and a consumer who cares about tomorrow, I am willing to pay extra for an eco-package,” adds Elena.
  •  Premium Quality. From the point of view of both designers, “vacuum metallization both smooth and embossed looks more expensive and high class and suits luxury items more than laminated material.”
  • Better in Printing owing to the following:


-        Better adhesion of white. “I liked the way the white ink was layered. This is usually one of the key problems with metallized materials – the white usually goes down badly so the material needs to be processed twice,” said Elena. “Yes, every new run adds 30% to the self-cost,” Victoria added. “So it turns out that vacuum metallized boards are efficient economically as well.”
-        Improved color rendition. “It is obvious even to the naked eye that the dpi level is higher for vacuum metallized boards. Such materials are preferable for complicated designs where half tones are important or where there is a need to stretch the color, for instance for high quality printing, portraits, and 3D designs,” commented the designers.


GelioBoards vacuum metallized boards is a new product on the Russian designer boards market, which has very high potential owing to its design and eco-friendly qualities.


GCT is offering its clients smooth metallized boards and boards with different and unique types of embossment. The material is available in sheets and rolls and is UV and foil offset alkali proof inks printable.