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10.09.2015 Vacuum metallized cardboard GelioBoard, produced by Russian Galileo Coating Technologies

The factory of metallized materials Galileo Coating Technologies has launched in the first half of the year a newly-designed product at the Russian, CIS, and Eastern Europe markets – metallized cardboard with embossing “linen”. Metallized cardboard GelioBoard passed all the tests in the offset printing houses with UV printing and traditional printing, on high-speed automatic lines and in the laboratories of the end customers.

The main advantages of the new product metallized cardboard embossed “linen” GelioBoard are as follows:

  1. Eye-catching, attractive design.
  2. Metallized cardboard GelioBoard covered with special primer for a better adhesion of the UV offset printing and foil paints.
  3. Perfect performance at all stages of post-print processing ( UV varnishing , laminating, stamping, cutting and bonding).
  4. Competitive price in comparison with laminated with metallized film, cardboard GC1 and GC2.
  5. Protection against counterfeit packaging.
  6. The end consumer can easily distinguish metallized cardboard package from the fake package. Metallized cardboard GelioBoard has metallic shine and can be torn as ordinary white paper.
  7. Eco-friendly and recyclable product.
  8. Used base boards are Carta Solida GC1 and GC2 of difference densities from 180 to 280.


Facing the weakening of Rouble to Euro and dollar, manufacturers are trying to decrease expenses and make the packaging cheaper, for example, they substitute metalized cardboard with a white one. Such substitution of package multiplies the number of printing houses, that have enough production capacity for its production, and the risk of fake packaging increases dramatically, especially for famous brands.

Chasing economy a company can get huge lost revenues and loose its reputation.

We offer a solution - a package, made of vacuum metallized cardboard GelioBoard, has attractive design and is protected from fakes. It is suitable for packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfume, confectionery, tea and other products of FMCG sector.


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