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04.04.2016 Launch of a new production of self-adhesive materials.

The construction of a new factory for the productionof reel self adhesive materials has been completed. At  the present time the group of specialists started the installation of the main technological and  infrastructure equipment. The new facility will produce a wide range of products.  The main facematerials are: PP white /transparent, PE white /transparent , thermo paper (Eco / Top); gloss coated paper,  vacuum metallized  papers and films, multilayer laminates,  wine and design paper.  In the production process will be used 2 types of PSA: water- based acrylic dispersion and hot-melts:permanent, super permanent   (reinforced), removable adhesive; as release liners will be used glassine honey / white / gold and PET.  

Opportunities of the new facility will allow to cut the format width from 50 up to 2100 mm with following prompt delivery of finished products. The advancedwarehouse and its infrastructure can accommodate  sufficient material to meet all storage requirements.  The new factory is equipped with own laboratory and quality control department with  measuring and analytical instruments.  We have the certificate of quality management system ISO  9001-2008.