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Galileo - GelioLabel SA
Tel: +7 (495) 7835207


Self-Adhesive Materials

GelioLabel SA
MPP 50/H410P/W60


Bright metallised bi-axially oriented, polypropylene film 50 mkm with a print-receptive topcoat with general purpose permanent rubber-based adhesive on white supercalendered glassine paper.

Face Material

Biaxially-oriented metallised (silver) gloss top-coated polypropylene film.

Basis weight, ISO 536:
Caliper, ISO 534:
45.5 g/m2
50 mkm


Permanent rubber-based hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive. Clear, UV resistant. Ensures instant tack. Is recommended in particular for using in cool conditions, on damp surfaces (for instance, surfaces with condensate). Once applied provides superior operational indicators in low temperatures.

Initial tack, FTM 9 (glass): 17 N/25 mm
Final adhesion, FTM 2 (90): 11 N/25 mm
Minimal application temperature: 0 °C
Operating temperature: -40...+70 °C


White Glassine  
Basis weight, ISO536: 60 g/m2
Caliper, ISO534: 54 mkm

Ready Laminate

Overall caliper, ISO 534: 124 mkm +/- 10%


Can be used to label both food products (indirect contact) and detergents. Is intended for applying mostly to hard surfaces (glass, PET). Extra care should be used in applying to flexible and uneven surfaces.

Processing and Printing

The material can be used in the following kinds of printing: flexographic, letterpress, offset, gravure, and screen. It is recommended for UV, water and solvent-based inks.

Shelf Life: 12 months

The product should be stored in a cool dry place, at a temperature of 20°С to 25°С and relative humidity of 40%-50% (regulated by FINAT standard). The materials should not be stored near heating sources. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Allow at least 24 hours for acclimatization in print shop conditions. It is recommended to hermetically pack ready products and remainder of materials in polyethylene film to ensure protection against moisture during storage and transportation.