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General information

GelioFilm PET Metallized Film

Metallized PET film manufactured by Galileo Coating Technologies is a range of materials produced under the GelioFilm PET brand since 2014. All GelioFilm PET films have been certified for food packaging.

The following types of printing are used for GelioFilm PET films:

  • Flexographic
  • Gravure
  • Litho

Caliper: from 7 to 50 micron

The following formats are technically possible:

  • Width: from 300 mm to 2,100 mm
  • Reel: from 4,000 m to 36,000 mm
  1. GelioFilm PET MCH – metallized silver chemically treated film for laminating boards and UV-printing.

Caliper: - 10, 12 micron

Usage: metallized UV-printed board

  1. GelioFilm PET MC – metallized corona treated silver film for laminating boards and other materials without printing.

Caliper: – 7, 8, 10 micron;

Usage: metallized non-printed board, insulant, reflective covering material, etc.


  1. GelioFilm PET MHC – metallized silver chemical and corona treated film for flexible wrapping.

Caliper: – 12, 23 micron;

Usage: flexible food industry wrapping.


  1. GelioFilm PET Twist – metallized silver twist effect film.

Caliper: – 19, 23 micron;

Usage: labeling for confectionery industry.

Color Metallized/Non-Metallized Films


1. GelioFilm PET ML color metallized film: 

  • GelioFilm PET ML1 gold – metallized lemon gold film;
  • GelioFilm PET ML9 gold – metallized red gold film;
  • GelioFilm PET ML3 – brown;
  • GelioFilm PET ML5 – black;
  • GelioFilm PET ML7 – white;
  • GelioFilm PET ML10 – red;
  • GelioFilm PET ML11 – blue;
  • GelioFilm PET ML12 – green;
  • GelioFilm PET ML14 – light green;
  • GelioFilm PET ML15 – purple;
  • GelioFilm PET ML16 – pink;
  • GelioFilm PET ML9 gold DUO – double sided metallized red gold film:
  • Other custom-made colors.

Caliper: – 10,12,23 micron;

Usage: metallized boards, New Year’s decorations and.flexible packaging.

Color polymer materials  

  • BOPP (polypropylene);
  • CPP (cast polypropylene);
  • PE (polyethylene);
  • PA (polyamide);
  • PVC;
  • APET (plastic cellular padding);
  • PE EVOH (barrier polyethylene);
  • Other materials.

Color: Gold (red, lemon) Other custom-made colors.

Usage: metallized boards, metallized wrapping.


General information: the company provides services for metallizing a range of rolled film materials between 600 mm and 1,650 mm wide.


The Galileo Coating Technologies production facility is equipped with a range of equipment for a full processing cycle for rolled materials: reeling, plasma treatment to enhance the material’s activation and adhesive properties for metal, metallization, cutting and wrapping.


In addition to the traditional roll-to-roll metallization the company offers its clients the possibility of applying a repeated image on a flexible polymer surface based on a template ensuring ultra-precise image reproduction, the so-called selective metallization, using the Flexomet node.


  • Polymer materials, 10 to 450micron:
    BOPP (polypropylene);
    CPP (cast polypropylene);
    PET (polyester);
    PE (polyethylene);
    PA (polyamide);
    PVC (PVC);
    APET (polyester);
    PE EVOH (polyethylene);
  • Combined materials based on paper/board and polymer;
  • Composite materials – prepregs (carbon fiber – successfully metallized for the Olympic Torch during the 2014 Sochi Olympics) and similar materials;
  • Banner fabric and materials for wide format printing – PVC and other bases;
  • Wallpaper – vinyl and others; 
  • Polymer fabric etc.