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The company’s unique technology involves selective metallization with the Flexomet node, which enables to imprint any images, including copies of paintings, onto a rolled material with superfine precision.


This technology, similar to the roll-to-roll vacuum metallization, involves coating the selected material with a layer of metal in a vacuum environment. The main difference is that, unlike the roll-to-roll metallization, the process affects only selected stretches of the substrate giving the process its name. Otherwise, the metallization technology process is identical to the roll-to-roll metallization.


The methodology for obtaining a selective print is based on preliminary blanking out of certain stretches of the substrate with a special protective coating, which prevents the metallic layer from depositing onto the material’s surface.


The protective coating is applied by Flexomet, a special printing device, onto the substrate in the vacuum chamber immediately before the metal settling, which prevents material adhesion at the time of rewinding.


Selective metallization can be used to apply various aluminum and copper coating designs onto polymer, paper and card materials.