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05.04.2012 Vacuum Metallized Board: Unique Product on the Russian Market

The Galileo Coating Technologies factory, which is part of 'Galileo Nanotech’ holding, has successfully produced the first trial batch of a new environmentally friendly and promising product – metallized board.


The metallized board was based on the Carta Solida baseboard with a substance of 230 gsm. This metallized material can be used for packing food, cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco and other items.


Complying with metallization technology, the board will show stable print and technical characteristics; it will keep the ink well due to the primer, which is envisaged by the metallization technology and can withstand mechanic impact during the post-print operations such as cutting, stamping, rolling, etc.


Obligatory usage of high-quality primary coated boards, a safe production method, and the possibility of recycling the ready product, make vacuum metallized boards an environmentally safe type of packaging.